Meet Cecilia

Published: 27 February 2017

Our brand new baby llama named after a Birthday girl!

Sunday 26th February was a great day here at the farm with a lovely baby llama born out in the farm paddocks. 

Mum did a really good job with lots of help from the other llamas (As you can see from the picture!) - they were very excited. It was like a little Birthday Party! We named her Cecilia after a Birthday girl who arrived onsite just as the little baby was being born. Hooray!

Cecilia the llama was quickly up and walking around the paddocks with her mum, meeting our customers. 

You can see little Cecilia out in the paddocks with her mum and her friends. With only a few weeks to go until lambing season kicks off Cecilia will be the first of lots of babies. Lambs, goat kids and loads more! Can't wait!

Farmer Anthony

It's Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaas!

Published: 29 November 2016

It's official - the festive season has begun here at White Post Farm!

This year we are celebrating in style with the whole site decorated and sparkling with Christmas magic. There's so much to do!

You can see Santa every day in his grotto, at the end of the magical Christmas walk-through. The Christmas Barn is full of fun and games as well as yuletide crafts to take home.

You can see, stroke and even feed Santa's real reindeer in the Silver Barn and meet the friendly goats and donkey in the Nativity stable.

Our popular traditional Nativity Play is also on every day. You play the parts so feel free to practice your favourite roles in front of the mirror before you get here. ;-)

You can book your tickets online for 10% off the price of admission so hopefully we will see you down on the farm for a wonderful White Post Christmas.


Published: 23 October 2016

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Mansfield 103.2 radios new mascot, Warren the Rabbit!

White Post Farm is sponsoring Warren the Rabbit and he came along to visit us last week!

Our very own farmer Anthony went live on Katie Trinders breakfast show at the farm to announce the exciting news and winning name after it was picked by Mansfield 103.2 radio listener Lee Parker. Warren even met one of our very own mascots, Compost the Rabbit and now they’re the best of friends! Look at those handsome rabbits!

Katie then got to explore the farm and meet our reindeer, lizards and helped to be a farmer by letting the geese and ducks out onto the lake, wow what a busy day!

Warren is going to be a very busy rabbit but will be coming back to the farm on Monday the 24th of October and Thursday the 27th of October during our Halloween week from 1-3pm on both days. So why not come along, meet him and take part in Mansfield 103.2 radios selfie fest! More details are on the Mansfield 103.2 website.

Hope to see you soon,

Farmer Matt.

Still lots to see!

Published: 20 September 2016

Life on the farm never stops and for some animals it’s just begun. Within the last fortnight we’ve had a new baby calf, two new baby lambs and a set of piglets!!!

One of our White park cows has had her first ever calf, a beautiful little girl, how adorable! She’ll be living with the rest of the cows, calves and Hero the Bull in our top field. Make sure you go and have a look and see if you can spot her.

There’s now some potential sheep racing stars of the future with 2 lambs recently being born, they’re certainly not sheepish though, look this one’s already practising for our sheep racing hurdles jumping on mummy!

Oink, Oink, Oink... I wonder what that could be? PIGLETS!! One of our pigs has just given birth to a litter so there are lots of little piglets running around causing chaos in the Silver Barn. Mum is already very tired so it’s a good job farmer Ryan is on hand to help pigletsit!

We’ve got lots of chickens on our farm from our big Orpington’s to our Polish chickens with their funky hairdos. We’ve even got the fastest growing birds in the world, Japanese quails. Look In our incubator room to see lots of ducklings, chicks and quails hatching out and growing daily! If you’re lucky you might get to see one hatch right in front of you!! You can then see and feed our grown up ducks in the ponds and our chickens in their big coops, eggscellent fun!

Of course there are a lot of other animals to meet and feed. See if you can get a photo like our surprised goat or of the meerkat on guard whose fallen asleep!

Hope to see you soon,

Farmer Matt.

2016 Sheep racing season review.

Published: 02 September 2016

Undertakes, overtakes and photo finishes.

After our debut sheep racing season last summer proved to be a resounding success we knew this summer we had to up our game to improve. This year the race track has been modified and improved which has made for more challenging, dramatic and exciting racing. Undertakes, overtakes and sprint finishes are standard in every race.

The introduction of Mule and Dorset sheep along with last year’s Jacob’s has changed the style of racing considerably. The Jacobs are quite small and relatively slow, however due to their horns they appear intimidating to other sheep. The Dorset’s are extremely fluffy and large powerful sheep, great for pure speed however extremely poor at cornering and sometimes struggle with the wind due to poor aerodynamics. The Mules, probably the best of the bunch have the perfect balance, streamlined, medium build and very nimble in the corners, perfect for tactical overtakes at key stages in the race.

The Mules have had a strong 2016 season overall, with multiple victories and consistent podium results. The Dorset’s had a strong beginning and seemed sure favourites to take victory throughout the season, although recently it seems they lack the commitment and passion it takes to succeed at this elite level of sheep racing. The Jacobs season has been a mixed bag; one Jacob has been extremely consistent in finishing in last place whilst another has taken some surprise victories, even one victory being decided by a photo finish.

Check out the video to see the track and see if you can spot the different breeds.

Farmer Matt

A Summer Summary!

Published: 31 August 2016

Shows, races, character days and more. Summer 2016, what a blast! 

What a brilliant and busy summer it’s been for the farm. From the summer show to sheep racing, character days and our biggest road show ever to the Gloworm Festival. All in all a fantastic couple of months!

This summer has seen the arrival of a new pair of gorgeous Jersey calves called Bonnie and Blaze, the stars of our summer show. Don’t worry last year’s calves Aggie and Aubin are still here, enjoying the green grass fields with the best seats in the house to see our incredible sheep racing, a true sporting spectacle of speed.

This season with our newly modified track (3 x 30 cm hurdles, 2 hairpins and a 40 metre straight!) the racing has become even more exciting and tense, especially with bets riding on the sheep for a chance to win a prize (A white post farm sticker!!), don’t worry though all bets are free, we wouldn’t want to fleece you of any cash.

We have had many special guests visiting the farm on our character days, Fireman Sam, Spiderman and Peppa Pig to name a few! However the prize for our cutest visitors must go to the police dog puppies in training who visited in June, what cuties, think they made some friends for life with our Llamas.

Our brand new play area this year is proving very popular, the goats even have an agility course in their field now as they were so jealous!

Our biggest Road show in the history of White Post Farm took place at Gloworm festival in Clumber Park this Month. A great, if at times, wet weekend. We had lots of animals for everyone to meet like Sage the donkey and our family of Rabbits. It was awesome to see so many faces coming to our mini farmyard and getting involved handling our cute chicks and mice.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for regular news, events and cool photos. We love to hear from you and see your photos, so post them to our pages!

Thanks for a great summer,

Farmer Matt.

A Princess or a Pirate?

Published: 04 August 2016

Ahoy there, it's time to choose your team, dust off your fancy dress outfits and join us at White Post Farm on Wednesday 10th August.

Another of our favourite days here on the Farm - Princess and Pirate Day. A perfect opportunity to show off your fanciest fancy dress (there will be spot prizes for the best costumes!!)

For team Princess, we will be joined by special guests Princess Belle and Princess Ariel, who will be meeting and greeting all the boys and girls (and grown ups!) around the Farm. They will also be involved in live singing performances throughout the day.

For team Pirates, we will be joined by a real pirate who will be bringing his parrot along with him. There will be pirate workshops, so you can learn all the tricks of the trade of being a pirate.

And finally, for those of you who couldn't possibly chose between the two - there will be free arts and crafts to take home, games to get yourself stuck in to and birds of prey and archery to keep all entertained. All of this, as well as all the usual day-to-day interactive animal activities, such as sheep racing, baby goat bottle feeding and animal holding.

So why not join us? For a castle full of fun and to catapult water bombs on Water Wars, book online now for 10% off your admission. But don't forget your peg leg!

Savvy? See you there,

Ship Mate Hannah

We can bear-ly wait!

Published: 17 June 2016

Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic! Sunday 26th June.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic is one of our favourite days of the year and it’s that time again - Hooray!

The day will bring lots of extra exciting activities with it. Story time at teddy towers with Farmer Anthony and Farmer George, a treasure hunt around the farm to win a family pass to come visit again, our walk-around entertainer, Sam, free craft activities to take home, and lots lots more.

This year also brings a new addition of Toddle Bops on Tour. Toddle Bops is a marvellous musical treat for children with exciting instruments and sing-a-longs.

Remember to leave time for the usual fun farming activities, from sheep racing, to baby goat bottle feeding.

Why not bring your Teddy along with you? For every visitor who brings their teddy, receive a free bag of animal food on the way in to the farm. Don't forget, you can book online now for the Teddy Bears Picnic, and get 20% off admission.

We look forward to seeing you all,

Farmer Hannah

Moooove over girls there's a new star in town!

Published: 04 June 2016

Last years Farm Show superstars move out into the paddocks.

The 2015 summer Farm Show was the best ever, thanks to Aggie and Aubin our tremendous twin calves. They proved particularly popular with visitors and staff alike as they bounced on stage and guzzled down their bottles of milk.

The twins have now retired from the Farm Show to begin an exciting life out in the paddocks with some lovely llamas and perfect pygmy goats. Aggie and Aubin were bottle fed since they were tiny, which means they are really friendly and looking forward to meeting you all. You can hand feed them every day here at the Farm.

Now these beautiful girls have retired, we have some exciting new superstars coming for the 2016 summer Farm Show. Along with loads of special events and character days, the 2016 school holidays are going to be spectacular.

Don't forget we are open every single day and you can save 10% on admission when you book online.

See you all this summer,

Farmer Hannah.

Spring to Life

Published: 11 March 2016

Lambs, llamas and lots of lovely babies.

Its officially underway; lambing 2016 at White Post Farm!  

This year, it began in style as the first ewe to pop had quadruplets - wow! All four were really healthy and were quickly followed by some terrific triplets. The Silver Barn is now buzzing with life and the maternity ward is full of new born lambs and expectant ewes.

The Silver Barn is not the only place that has sprung to life, as we now have three new born llamas galloping around the paddocks. (A baby llama is called a cria).

All this action has come at the perfect time with Easter just around the corner. This year is going to be extra special with the Spring Pen populated with lots of perfect baby animals.

As well as new life, Easter also means, CHOCOLATE! From Good Friday through to Easter Monday, every child that comes to the Farm will receive a chocolate egg - yum!

There's no better time to visit the Farm than Spring, so make sure you pay us a visit this season. Lovely lambs, gorgeous goat kids, chirpy chicks and beautiful baby rabbits are all waiting to meet you.

Farmer Anthony & Farmer Hannah. :)