2016 Sheep racing season review.

Published: 02 September 2016

Undertakes, overtakes and photo finishes.

After our debut sheep racing season last summer proved to be a resounding success we knew this summer we had to up our game to improve. This year the race track has been modified and improved which has made for more challenging, dramatic and exciting racing. Undertakes, overtakes and sprint finishes are standard in every race.

The introduction of Mule and Dorset sheep along with last year’s Jacob’s has changed the style of racing considerably. The Jacobs are quite small and relatively slow, however due to their horns they appear intimidating to other sheep. The Dorset’s are extremely fluffy and large powerful sheep, great for pure speed however extremely poor at cornering and sometimes struggle with the wind due to poor aerodynamics. The Mules, probably the best of the bunch have the perfect balance, streamlined, medium build and very nimble in the corners, perfect for tactical overtakes at key stages in the race.

The Mules have had a strong 2016 season overall, with multiple victories and consistent podium results. The Dorset’s had a strong beginning and seemed sure favourites to take victory throughout the season, although recently it seems they lack the commitment and passion it takes to succeed at this elite level of sheep racing. The Jacobs season has been a mixed bag; one Jacob has been extremely consistent in finishing in last place whilst another has taken some surprise victories, even one victory being decided by a photo finish.

Check out the video to see the track and see if you can spot the different breeds.

Farmer Matt