A Summer Summary!

Published: 31 August 2016

Shows, races, character days and more. Summer 2016, what a blast! 

What a brilliant and busy summer it’s been for the farm. From the summer show to sheep racing, character days and our biggest road show ever to the Gloworm Festival. All in all a fantastic couple of months!

This summer has seen the arrival of a new pair of gorgeous Jersey calves called Bonnie and Blaze, the stars of our summer show. Don’t worry last year’s calves Aggie and Aubin are still here, enjoying the green grass fields with the best seats in the house to see our incredible sheep racing, a true sporting spectacle of speed.

This season with our newly modified track (3 x 30 cm hurdles, 2 hairpins and a 40 metre straight!) the racing has become even more exciting and tense, especially with bets riding on the sheep for a chance to win a prize (A white post farm sticker!!), don’t worry though all bets are free, we wouldn’t want to fleece you of any cash.

We have had many special guests visiting the farm on our character days, Fireman Sam, Spiderman and Peppa Pig to name a few! However the prize for our cutest visitors must go to the police dog puppies in training who visited in June, what cuties, think they made some friends for life with our Llamas.

Our brand new play area this year is proving very popular, the goats even have an agility course in their field now as they were so jealous!

Our biggest Road show in the history of White Post Farm took place at Gloworm festival in Clumber Park this Month. A great, if at times, wet weekend. We had lots of animals for everyone to meet like Sage the donkey and our family of Rabbits. It was awesome to see so many faces coming to our mini farmyard and getting involved handling our cute chicks and mice.

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Thanks for a great summer,

Farmer Matt.