White socks? You must be kidding!

Published: 24 January 2016

Goat kid sets the style standard...

We have some gorgeous new goats in the Silver Barn at the moment. Some terrific twins and tremendous triplets all living happily together.

One of these crazy kids was born with some particularly striking markings - little white feet! It looks like he is wearing socks - perhaps to keep warm in the winter?! However the little goats in the Silver Barn have some of the warmest enclosures on the whole farm with lovely heat lamps keeping them toastie all day and all night.

Baby animals is one of the best thing about our Farm, we love them very much. That is why we are all starting to get very excited as lambing season approaches! We are expecting the first batch of babies by the middle of march with lots more to follow throughout the spring season. There are over 50 pregnant ewes at the moment so we are expecting a real baby boom! Who knows - we may even have some thorough-breds ready that will go on to become champion sheep races here at White Post Farm! Fingers crossed.

Hope to see lots of you throughout winter and spring. :-)

Farmer Anthony